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Buy the DVD

The DVD is now available for purchase at the following locations:

Rent or Download

You can rent or download The Corporal's Diary on Amazon Instant Video.

Teacher's Guide

Want to organize a classroom discussion about The Corporal's Diary? Contact us for a free teacher's guide.

Holding a Screening

Winning Pictures encourages you to hold a screening of The Corporal's Diary. The screening package consists of 5 DVDs and the rights to publicly show the film for $50.00. All you need to do is assemble a crowd by publicizing the event, and play the film using a projector and a blank screen or wall, or a DVD player and a TV. You are free to sell the DVDs to fundraise for your organization.

Download the Screening Press Kit

Want to hold a screening? Please contact Typecast Films in the US or Tricon outside of the US for a screening copy.